SYNOPSIS : Burma is a land of creation, innovation, inspiration. A cocoon where a thousand metamorphoses take place and a thousand butterflies take flight. Filmmaker Anne Murat and photographer Brice Richard captured a glimpse of that little known side of Burma. Through 66 interviews and portraits of social, intellectual, religious and artistic pioneers, they bring forth the image of a country not chained to the past, but soaring toward the future.

AMBITION : The objective of Rangoon Cocoon is to provide a richer, more complex portrait of Burma – to highlight the stories of Burmese people who, in spite of difficulties, have found spaces of freedom to create, innovate and care for each other.
To achieve their goal, Anne Murat and Brice Richard decided to approach the country not from its politics, but from its people, by conducting interviews with a variety of stakeholders. The questions were simple and open: “Who are you? What do you do? What are your dreams? Your victories? Your frustrations?” They collected 40 hours of videos, 15,000 pictures, 66 interviews.


VIDEO : Anne Murat
PHOTO : Brice Richard
PRODUCTION : Kometa Films
DURATION : 90 & 52 minutes

SOUND : 2.0
LANGUAGES : Burmese, English, Spanish
SUBTITLES : French, English

AVEC (par ordre d’apparition)

U Zawtika
San San Yi
Ko Ba Oo
Nan Khin Khin
Nan Cherny
Mya Mya Toe
Thin Zan
Soe Khaing
Soe Thu
Mya Naing
Pa Le
Ko Thant Zin
Moe Swe
Prof. Robert Taylor
Soe Khaing
Kyaw Kyaw Bo
Than Hteik
“Green Plant” Band
“First aid box” Music Club
Min Thein Kha


Prise de vues et Réalisation : Anne Murat
Photographies et Interviews : Brice Richard
Montage image : Lucile Sautarel
Collaboration montage image : Alizée Manche
Mixage son : Tamara Demicheli
Teaser : Charlotte Teillard d’Eyry
Production : Kometa Films, Edyta Janczak-Hiriart, Vincent Roullet
Traductions : Khin Zin Minn, Aung Moe Win, Lin Lin Aung



Festival ARTISANS VOYAGEURS : Prix des Lycéens
PARIS : Isha Tanaka
MARSEILLE : Colloque Burma Studies IRSEA-CNRS
AVIGNON : Exposition « Myanmar, un certain regard »
RANGOUN : Alliance Française
WASHINGTON : Georgetown University


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