Along the Yangtze River (formerly Yang Tsé Kiang), the longest river in China, from the huge Chongqing industrial basin to the stunning Shanghai, the documentary explores the faces of contemporary China.
“Complexus” in Latin means “what is woven together”. Each meeting of women, men, landscapes, places, monuments reveals this complexity of contemporary China: its abundance, its contradictions, the coexistence of modes of being and doing, of dynamics, of lives on the same territory, within a plural human group. It also helps to discover the metamorphosis at work, since China has been growing for 50 years exponentially.


Shooting format: 4K
Sound: Stereo 2.0
Duration: 90 & 52 minutes
Release: France & Switzerland


A film by Anne Murat and David Bart
In ordre of appearance:
Yang Bangsi
Ye Lao
Qiu Wenwu
Zou Yan Hui
Xu Xiaoyun
Luo Junyi & Fu Dengsheng
Yang Kai & Dudu
Chen Xi Fei
Shi Xiu Yuan & Yan Zhong Zhen
Amanda & Elaine
Zhang Chayun
Production: Commune Image Media, Plan large, Mano a Mano
Editing: Julie Gilles
Special Effects: David Nyls
Coloring: Hugues Dardart
Interpreting: Grace Zhang
Translation Ruisi Wang
Sound Mix: L’arrière Boutique Studio
Narration: Anne Murat et David Bart
Calligraphies: Ye Lao
Graphic Design: Thierry Laurent
Musics: Hi-Score/Basic Recordings

Affiche Chine




> December 2018 : West region
> January 2019 : Switzerland
> February 2019 : Nord region
> March 2019 : Paris and South Region


> Art Photo Book “Les Sirènes du Yangzi” printed by Escourbiac France
Preview (extraits)
Slideshow (excerpts)
> DVD Diary Booklet “Les Sirènes du Yangzi” edited by Compléments d’objets Editions, printed by Picture Perfect, (coming soon)

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