Journey to China exploring complexity, far from the beaten path and the image we have of the country via the news. Journey to China exploring the Yangtze River, or Blue RIver, 3rd longest river in the world. Journey to China exploring humanity, China seen by its inhabitants.

Men and women of all ages and conditions, Rabelaisians full of an energy, a desire, an impulse of vibrating life. Chongqing street porters with bent shoulders (the Bang Bangs), witnesses of a now-extinct China (the calligrapher), economic transition actors leaving the countryside to enjoy city life (peasants of Changshow, the taxi driver), relocated residents wondering about human social bonds in an exponential China (the shopkeeper), tourists delighted to enjoy their retirement as well as national mass tourism (the passenger on the Yangtze), Mao fans living in an updated nostalgia in Changsha, women and men full of hope and confidence in their country’s future, committed to sustainable change (Yichang’s green farmers, the young Meixi Lake dad), contemporary hyper-connected Shanghai’s golden youth (Alice, Elaine and Amanda), and a quiet old age that continues to live at its own pace (Mulan Quan practitioners, Zhang Tiendu Cheng’s seamstress) …
Yes, in China, more than elsewhere, there is a new quarrel between the old and the modern.

This series of polaroid portraits accompanies the feature film “Les Sirènes du Yangzi” produced by Connaissance du Monde.
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The eponymous photobook printed by Escourbiac details their individual stories:
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