SYNOPSIS: How to be fully involved and immediately in harmony with one’s thoughts, body and soul? What is playing? What is giving? Ten young actors gathered around a stage director to write and perform an original play called “And all for nothing,” an attempts to answer these questions. They are those that every artist must confront: his responses will settle his attitude to towards art, and simply towards life.
This is the credo of director and trainer Jean-Paul Denizon, former collaborator of Peter Brook, who has been conducting many courses and workshops for twenty years. The film focuses on stage work, following the progression of the actors listening to their director’s teachings. It is a work of balancing mind, emotions and body, that improves attention and listening, expands self-presence and sets free the expression in a partner’s relationship.

STATEMENT OF INTENT: The documentary deals as much with theatre as with our relationship to the world and to one another. It highlights collective creation moments (play writing, narrative characterizing, readings, first rehearsals, preparatory exercises, and so on). We share life behind the scenes: moments of excitement, relaxation and intimacy, as well as doubts, fears and crises … Funny, dramatic, and vibrant, the film tells the story of a human adventure, or rather, a “work in progress” that continuously emphasizes the effort to excel and the shared happiness.


Genre: Creative Documentary
Duration: 83 minutes
Format: HD
Sound: stéréo
Original Version: French


Jeanne Bischoff
Tristan Bouvier
Barbara Buchmann
Adrien Debré
Jean-Paul Denizon
Orane Dumas
Julia Mugnier
Adeline Piketty
Sarah Sammartino
Kristina Sherwood
Thomas Willaime


Directing, Editing: Anne Murat
Assistant Editing: Guillaume Deperrois
Sound mix: David Cosset
Original Music: Anne Murat
Additional Music: Barbara Buchmann



PDF proposal (in French)