SYNOPSIS: The documentary “Strengthening Traditional Systems of Justice and Governance (TSJGs) of Lumad Indigenous Peoples in South-Central Mindanao” highlights the results of the four-year project funded by the European Union and the CCFD-Terre Solidaire. It focuses on the rights of indigenous peoples and promotes governance and traditional justice in seven tribes living in the south of Mindanao island in the Philippines.

PURPOSE: “The Voice of the Lumad”, which is part of the documentation of traditional (Balikata) and modern (Kasfala) conflict resolution systems, consists of five thematic sections: 1. History of the conflict, 2. Culture, values and identity, 3. Tribal governance 4. Struggle for recognition 5. Perspectives. It raises issues such as respect of Customary Law, Self-determination, Ancestral Domain, as well as cultural and social rights. The film gives voice to the project’s main stakeholders such as institutional partners, national and local officials, experts in conflict resolution, indigenous leaders, while showcasing the natives’ testimonies.


Duration: 90 minutes
Shooting Format: HD – bicameras
Format 16/9 (1.77) PAL secam
Colors – Stereo 2.0
Broadcasting: DVD et numérique
Subtitles: English and French


Hon. Leonor Quintayo
Hon. Era Colmo España
Engr. Roy Rangaban
Prof. Rodelio ‘Yats’ Ambangan
Lencio A. Arig
Sannie Bello
Alim Bandara
Ruben Dalimbang
Hon. Leah Logong
Hon. Antonio B. Fungan
Benito F. Blonto
Uyod Logong
Danny Longgo
Biya Narcisa Galgo
Leo Ingay
Fernando Ingay Sr.
Ms. Cristina Moda Salila
Hon. Monard C. Galgo
Bert Tula
Eddie Bisaya
Agustino T. Binaton
Ms. Juanita Senama Lucas
Hatim Issoufaly
Gilbert Camino
Ludivico Marcelino Jr.
PSI Marvin Karasma
Hon. Rafael Lantigan
Romy Talindo
Ms. Gien T. Pilay
Hon. Cariño Cibulan
Kanan (‘Noli’) Sakong
Boi Farida Maing
Ms. Mary Grace Kusin
Amo Saling
Kublai Kusin
Basilio Kusin
Ms. Felicidad T. de Guzman, E.D.
Saturnino C. Cuyong Jr
Sanny Matugas
Dominador Aso
Dangel Morabong
Orlando Mosela
Child Blanco
Robert M. Atab
Hans Farnhammer
Ms. Emily Mercado


Director :
Anne Murat

Writing Committee :
Anne Murat
Gerard van Dorp

Supervising Committee :
Pierre Bastid, Antoine Gouzee de Harven, Hatim Issoufaly, Emily Mercado, Gerard van Dorp

Line Producers :
Marciano M. Salahog Jr, Gerard Van Dorp

Executive Producers :
Hatim Issoufaly, Pierre Bastid

Bert Tula

Production Team, Transcripts
Gerard van Dorp
Gilbert Camino
Ludivico Marcelino
Sannie Bello
Saturnino Cuyong
Marciano M. Salahog, Jr
Robert M. Atab
Gertrudes Olubalang
Lucile Baladiang
Alim Bandara

Luzvilla S. Riego de Dios – English interviews
Eddie Bisaya – B’laan interviews
Adelina Durban – B’laan interviews
Julius Diantan – Tagakaolo interviews
Normindo Mosela – Téduray interviews

Director of Photography, Sound engineer, Editor
Anne Murat

Additional cinematographer – Assistant Director
Marciano M. Salahog Jr

Associate Editor, Map animation & Graphic Design
Line Vernier

Marciano Pop Salahog Jr(copyright)

Tagakaolo Woman


Booklet by Gerard van Dorp

Photographies by Marciano M. Salahog Jr.


European Union website, EEAS

CCFD-Terre Solidaire website

LDCI website