SYNOPSIS: The cemetery was deserted, then came:
A priest, a funeral procession, an inspector, a retinue of civil servants,
A guide, tourists, a guard, a maintenance worker,
A female jogger, a male jogger, a cat lover, a caring widow,
Two merry widows fond of cleanliness, an old Casanova dressed to kill,
Tai chi Dancers, a modern couple, and a pram,
An annoyed reader, a cemetery, and Mr. Hulot!
This small world fusses, collides, gets jammed and then disappears.
Who ever said: “Rest in Peace”?

INTENT: My choice of the story and the sound processing are both inspired by the work of Jacques Tati. He shaped my vision of the world as much as the smile that accompanies it. Beyond the film’s initial observation (watching our fellow contemporaries often causes the sensation of being part of a Tati film, amid incongruous characters, like foreigners in a coded world), my aim is to express a personal point of view, a discourse on our current concerns, in particular, the increasingly alienated relationship between the living and the dead, and their dedicated habitat, the cemetery. The film presents itself as an invitation to fantasy, an ode to the chaos and madness of the living, seen from the amused eternity of the cemetery.


Image : HD 16/9
Sound : Stéréo 2.0
Duration : 16 minutes
Subtitles : English available

WITH (in order of appearance) :

The priest: Christophe Vasseur
The reader : Yann Pouliquen
The maintenance worker : Jean-Louis Moussapa
The cat lover : Charlotte Kerambrun
The business man : Alexandre Borras
Priest Fan club #1 : Séverine Melchiorre
Priest Fan club #2 : Anne-Hélène Orvelin
Priest Fan club #3 : Aurélia Arnaud
Priest Fan club #4 : Célia Delaruelle
Priest Fan club #5 : Anne Colin
PriestFan club #6 : Leslie Courtine
Mourning youth #1 : Emmanuel Dufoing
Mourning youth #2 : Suzanne Vallez
Mourning youth #3 : Faouzi Ouizi
Mourning youth #4: Vincent Bosco
The gard : Laurent Bariteau
Civil Servant #1 : Eric Veiga
Civil Servant #2 : Kasper Westberg
Civil Servant #3 : Gilles Martin
Civil Servant #4 : Philippe Bal
Late Priest Fan : Valérie Nataf
The tourist guid : Suzanne Kunz
The German tourist : Alexis Courcier
The Americain husband : Jean-Paul Bertrand
The American spouse : Andréa Renée Norman
The American child : Alexandre Julien
The Japanese tourist #1 : Noriko Omachi
The Japanese tourist #2 : Saori Fukumori
The Portuguese tourist : Marco Cruz
The Latin American tourist : Anas Elbaz
The Italian tourist : Florencia Cano-Lanza
The Spanish tourist : Virginia Atenza
Inspector #1 : Régis Chaussard
Inspector #2 : Jean-Hugues Laleu
Conforama Lady : Béatrice Huret
BHV Lady : Muriel Cypel
The jogger : Perrine Gilbert
The old Casanova : Gérard Giacchino
The transistor Lady : Monique Darpy
Spouse with pram : Frédérique Attuel
Husband with pram : Mark Marian
Tai Chi dancer #1 : Lyna Path
Tai Chi dancer #2 : Ali Seng
Mr. Hulot : Jean-Pierre Dautun
And the cat.



Written and Directed by Anne Murat

1st AD : Vincent TEMPLEMENT
2nd AD : Rémi  VERON
3rd AD : Laura CARNET, Annya DEBERLES
Casting : Marie-Laure AMIAUD, Elisa CLAVEL, Annya DEBERLES
Production : Marie-Laure AMIAUD, Anne MURAT
Scriptgirl : Mélanie JULIEN
Scriptgirl Assistante : Aurélie VALLEE
DoP : Marie COLSON
Camera assistants : Olivier GAND, Vincent VALLONE, Virginie PEYTURAUX
Sound Engineer : Axel HOFFMANN
Sound assistants : Alexis ANTONI, Maxime HLADIY
Costumes : Ismahan HANIY
Props : Magali TRESSENS
Make up / Hairdresser : Claire PROSPERI, Eugénie RAES, Anne CUISANCE, Vanessa RICOLLEAU
Location manager : Piotr CHOJNACKI
Runners : Cédric BOUQUILLON, Jacqueline MURAT
Assistant runners : Marie BOYER, Amandine VALLEE, Maud GARNIER, Johannes SCHILLING, Elodie BOUSCARAT
Photographer : Brice RICHARD
Making of : Alexandre De MONTBAS
Editing : Guillaume DEPERROIS
Visual Effects and Credits : Guillaume DEPERROIS
Sound Mix : Tamara DEMICHELI
Sound Design : Tamara DEMICHELI
Logo and Poster design : Jean-Pierre DAUTUN


Photos du film © Brice Richard (pdf)