On her traditional Sunday’s visit to her grandmother, a young girl remains mostly distant. She is reluctant to pay her grandmother a visit, she is anxious to leave and gives little importance to Sunday rituals.
A few days later that week, the grandmother dies.


DURATION : 6 mns 40
FORMAT : 16 mm, caméra Arriflex
SOUND : stereo 2.0
Kodak Vision : SOHO (London)


Catherine LEWIS SHELDON (la grand-mère)
Verena KEALE (la sœur aînée)
Alexia WELLS (la cadette)


Written, Directed and Edited by : Anne MURAT
DoP : Tommaso PARISI
Camera Assistant : Yiannis POLIZOS
Music : Jordi SAVALL, Alia Vox, Folia : Rodrigo Martinez, Anonyme, 1490.
Acknowledgements : Veronica & Roger Parrott

Festivals Gélymages 2005, catégorie Un certain Regard.