Hui Chun Gong is a Health and Longevity practice: it is a Qi Gong that paves in us the way to Spring.
Hui is the union of the Yin meridians -Liver Kidney-Rate;
Chun is Spring, Youth;
Gong is Labour trough Mastery.
Living the Hui Chun Gong, as they say in Asia, is like exercising in joy. Like a tree, we can live this joy in our roots immersed in the Earth, in our trunk and in our top stretched towards the sky. Practicing each posture and each breath as the first and last, is living the reality of the present moment.


DVD SD – All zones
Duration : 100 minutes
18 stances with chapters
16 pages Detailed Booklet
Format : 16/9
Original Language : French


Teaching, Writing and Dubbing : Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Hanh
Direction, Editing, Authoring : Anne Murat
Photographies : Daniel Besikian
Calligraphies : Thich Nhat Hanh
Graphic Design : Eric Patrix
Sound Studio : Benoît Degornet et Jean-Christian Viry


This DVD is produced by the association For the children of Vietnam that focuses on the educational care of young children in remote mountainous regions or fishing areas in central Vietnam.

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