SYNOPSIS: “I am fascinated by Japan’s numerous contrasts: nature is so sensitive and violent at the same time. The incessant rain, water cascades, cherry trees per hundred, leafless trees of khaki, and mostly bamboo forests. Villagers and I went to cut bamboo. Then I started experimenting: folding, twisting, binding these bamboo with silk and cotton fabrics, which became wrapped-volumes protecting their secrets. It was not very traditional but it was another way of meeting and sharing. I regularly pay a visit to a small family business where they cut bamboo to transform them. Then began Shibori.”

STATEMENT OF INTENT Nature, raw elements, the essential thread that weaves. Discovering the creative gesture. Inside the studio, merging of the textiles, material, light, transparence, water, dye, fog. Eyes, hands, expressions. Back to the sea and promise of liberty. Ysabel de Maisonneuve delivers her expertise and inspiration, from Japan to the Atlantic Ocean, revealing materials and colors. This art film is a portrait of a sensitive creator and poet, for whom handicraft is primarily a spiritual art. She forges textile to create connections, and a sense of beauty.


Genre: Creative Documentary
Duration: 14’30”
Format: HD
Sound: stéréo
Original version: French
Subtitling: English


Direction, Image, Editing:
Anne Murat et David Bart

Text and voice over:
Ysabel de Maisonneuve
Textile design:
Ysabel de Maisonneuve

Sound design:
Hiroko Komiya
Sound recordist:
Romain de Gueltzl

Avner Yefet, Louis Sorin

Poster Ysabel



Official competition selections:
POW Film Festival (Power of Women in Film) – Portland, Oregon – USA
Filmski Front Festival (FFF) – Serbia
Antimatter Festival (Media Art) – Canada
Chicago Fashion Film Festival (Moda Coscienza Award) – USA
Kraljevski Short Film Festival (KFF) – Serbia
Avanca International film festival (Special Mention of the Jury) – Portugal
Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) – Scotland
Festival du Film des Métiers d’Art (FIFMA) – France
CinéPoème Festival – France

Exceptional screenings
Révélations, Grand Palais, Paris – France
JEMA 2017, Rennes – France
Pièces Uniques, Châteaugiron – France
Special screening, L’atelier, Paris – France
10th Shibori International Symposium – Mexico
Maison des Metiers d’Art du Québec – Canada
Emergences, Pantin – France
Empreintes, Paris – France
Instituts Français of Kyoto, Tokyo, Fukuoka – Japan
Studio Blue Ginza, Tokyo – Japan