It is said that documentary is the “art of the real”. But, according to French psychoanalyst Lacan, the “real” defines a knowledge that is limited, a limit that cannot be identified but merely apprehended or deducted. Reality in its entirety and complexity is impossible to describe, thus impossible to speak … therefore impossible to show?

Documentary is certainly a protean art which embraces a field of increasingly open formal possibilities, including fiction, animation, digital arts, ranging from field reports to essay or contemporary art. It is thus an art of representation that probably deals with the real as much as it deals with the imaginary and the symbolic, via language.

Documentary is definitely a subjective art, an art of the subject in so far as it seeks to understand the subjectivity of people and complex relationships that develop between them, the author and the viewer. This is the condition that documentary can shake our frames of thought and interpretation of the world, and question “reality”.

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