This series is a work-in-progress that does not respond to systemic logic but rather to a poetic quest. Indeed, I cultivate a particular taste for putting into perspective subjects, objects and places, all, components that meet, through a mind game, a set of mirrors, and symbolic or formal reconciliations.

Subject, object, essence, form, necessary, superfluous, possible, impossible, real, virtual, order, chaos, art, science, intellect, emotion, visible, invisible, to be, not to be … Everything is duality. Concordance is the art of dual communion, allowing me to create meaning by using disparate confrontation, by juxtaposition of the same or the opposite, by creating a symmetry that highlights the polarities, and at the same time, by abolishing these differences through cognitive unification. Duality, Diversity, Unity.

Each diptych or triptych presents itself as an equation to be solved. What is there to see? Logical problem, a before / after, simple associative parallel of shapes or colors, the series is both an invitation to pleasure, and a game of abstraction. From opposites to similars, concordance establishes a poetic marriage of images, and nourishes the inner smile that we cultivate by observing the world.