SYNOPSIS: Running Water. In Bukit Duri, a slum in the heart of Jakarta, residents live at the mercy of the vagaries of the Ciliwung River, with its mud, waste and flooding.
This documentary essay offers both a political and aesthetic reflexion, questioning the freedom of those “forced” urban migrants driven to live in ghettos, which the city absorbs and releases in a single motion.

INTENT: Foster mother, source of life near which men aggregate, settle and grow, water is the mainstay of daily life, both a social and intimate element. The Ciliwung river in Jakarta bordering one of the poorest and most densely populated city kampungs, turns into a public bathroom or an open-air kitchen, where everyone simultaneously washes and grooms themselves as they clean clothes or dishes. However, amid severe drought, harvest rain, urban sprawl, lack of public waste management, piling up the garbage thrown into the water has congested the river banks. Contaminated water becomes therefore synonymous with danger. Bukit Duri inhabitants wait patiently in silence, as they face a health hazard and a critical environmental and economic situation.


Genre : documentary essay
Format : HD, black & white and colours
Sound : stereo
Duration : 13 minutes
Subtitles : English, French


Directed and Edited by : Anne Murat
Coloring : David Bart
Sound Mix : Tamara Demicheli
Interpreters : Octa Christi, Dyant Ali Rachman
Translators : Joseph Harjana, Dominic Nardi
Photographies : Brice Richard


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Photography documentary : Living on the edge part 2, by Brice Richard