Etienne Klein wrote: time is “this that cannot be found but which existence can’t be doubted, a thing everyone is talking about, but no one has ever seen. It is always there, flowing, advancing hidden, secret, silent… tense, distended, distorted. Time spends time using trickery and abusing us, hiding its true nature. Or is it that we deceive ourselves with our perceptions of temporal phenomena? One readily confuses time with its constituant phenomena that define its attributes: change, movement, repetition, progression, death … ”

What is time then? A succession of moments, which creates continuity. However, as soon as an instant appears, it also disappears to make room for another instant. Elusiveness and disappearance therefore seem to maintain continuity in the world. And a contradictory injunction defines its movement: time is a permanent renewal of impermanence.

For me too time is also this mysterious object that is at the heart of cinema as an art. Time is both present and absent in the image, it is the measurement of continuity and rhythm, flowing with sequences. Time is a film object as much as a spiritual object, a source of both metaphysical meditation and scientific research. It is the starting point of this series of poetic films, which are characterized by a free symbolic, formal, musical and expressive work.

fire water air


fragments of eternity

suspended moments

perpetual motion